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The Athens Building Company provides clients in Athens and Nelsonville with many properties for rent.

With rental properties all over, we have become a top rental company throughout the Athens area and would love to schedule a showing for you today. From small studios to large multi bedroom locations, we have the ability to find the perfect spot for you.

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Athens Building Company

The team at Athens Building Company believes in not only providing a wide range of houses and apartments for rent, but also in providing you with the best rental experience possible. Our goal is to redefine the negative perception associated with the landlord title.

We believe in keeping in contact with each and every client that rents from us. We strive to proactively fix things before they break, ask for suggestions to improve the property, or simple check in to make sure the client is happy with their overall experience. We encourage everyone to reach out to us with comments or concerns as we continually aim to renovate and upgrade each unit.

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We would love to show you one of the many properties for rent, which are currently available and invite you to contact us at 408-882-7411. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how the Athens Building Company can find you the perfect home.

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